Halloween is Friday, so I figured I’d give you one more spooky craft before returning to warm and cozy recipes and fall foliage crafts. I have to admit, this one is my favorite, probably because once it was set up, my little guy was able to do it without my help at all. He’s becoming quite the independent spirit, so it was great to watch him have so much with this.

Mason Jar Halloween Characters (there are many, many versions of these on Pinterest, so it’s hard to give any one pinner credit this time)


  • 3 mason jars, any size
  • Painters tape
  • Acrylic paint: orange, white, purple
  • Foam paint brushes


  1. Start by taping your mason jars. I just cut out shapes by hand to make jack-o-lantern, ghost, and vampire faces. I also saw cute witches and frankensteins, for which I’d imagine you’d want green paint too.                           IMG_6807 IMG_6749
  2. Remove the lids and get your work space ready. If you are going to let kids do this, I’d suggest only putting one color paint out at a time, like our pumpkin set up above.
  3. Start painting (or let your little one paint). Make sure all of it, including the mouth of the jar, gets painted.                                                               IMG_6750
  4. Let it dry, overnight if you can.                                                                                                                IMG_6754
  5. Remove the painters tape, and with a q-tip, clean up anywhere that the paint might have bled through. For the vampire, I re-positioned the tape a couple times, so the seal wasn’t as good as I would have liked.                                      IMG_6792
  6. Put a tea light (or battery operated light) into each of the mason jars and display them proudly, because they are adorable. IMG_6105

So there you have it. Easy, inexpensive, and cute decorations that can either boost your holiday spirits or provide you with one bright spot during this Halloween season, whichever camp you fall into this year. I (reluctantly) wish you all a Happy Halloween.