It’s beginning to feel a lot more like fall these days, which has me pretty excited. Reluctantly, it was time to decorate for Halloween last weekend, so it is fortunate that I planned ahead (for a change) and enlisted the help of my little guy. I hoped that his homemade decorations would make me smile and overlook the fact that they are, in fact, for Halloween. I was right. I can’t help but smile when I see these around my house and picture him hard at work. If you don’t have a little man to help you, however, do not despair. These crafts are inexpensive, easy, and fun, and will probably make you smile just the same.

Creepy Creatures Banner (thanks, Leanne over at Organize & Decorate Everything!)


  • Construction or Cardstock Paper – whatever color you like. We used two shades of brown, yellow, 2 shades of orange, white, black, grey, green, pink.
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Acrylic paint (optional)
  • Ribbon
  • Hole Puncher


  1. Cut your paper into triangles. Leanne suggests 5 x 7; when I cut mine out on the Cricut, they were on the 7″ mark, so around the same size I think.
  2. Cut out your “toppings”: hair, ears, eyes, noses, bolts, two of your candy corn colors (the third will be the triangle).
  3. Assemble with a glue stick. Leanne made everything out of paper, but my son loves googly eyes, so we used those for a couple too (used a hot glue gun to attach those). We drew on some of the mouths with a black Sharpie too.
  4. Decorate with acrylic paint, if desired. We used the paint to make designs and more details, while adding a little texture and brightness. We also tore off the top of the grey ghost to make him look a little more whispy.
  5. Punch two holes on each triangle and thread your ribbon through.

Remember the burlap banner that I showed you a couple weeks ago? Look how cute it looks with these creatures!


Handprint Spider with Marble Web (thanks, Tammy at Housing a Forest!)


  • White paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Black paint (we didn’t have this, so we used chalkboard paint which was great too)
  • White paint
  • Container with lid
  • A bag of marbles (available at the dollar store)
  • More googly eyes


  1. First, make your marble paper. Put your piece of black construction paper in the container so that it coats the inside. You may need to cut the paper to make it fit.
  2. Roll your marbles in white paint – be prepared to make a bit of a mess! – and put them in your lidded container along with the black paper.
  3. Shut the lid tightly and shake away! If you have a little one, this will be the highlight event.                                                                                IMG_6751
  4. Take the paper out and admire your marbled paper.                                                            IMG_6752
  5. While that dries, make your spider. Using the black paint and white paper, cover your child’s hands in the black paint and then stamp them on your paper with the left fingers pointing away from the right fingers. Voila! Spider. My little guy loved this so much that we had to do it again using the white paint we had left over (see below).IMG_6753
  6. Once he has dried, cut out your spider and add googly eyes.
  7. Cut your marbled paper into strips and place them on another piece of white paper to make a web. Glue your spider into the web.             IMG_6113

I’ll save the last craft for my next post, since I know you’ll need some time to get these finished and displayed in your home. But just in case I have totally underestimated you, here are some cute pillows that I attempted, using covers from Ikea, chalkboard and colored acrylic paints, and the same freezer paper stencil technique I showed you in my last post. Thanks, Chapman Place, for inspiring me to try these out!