I shouted my dislike of Halloween from the rooftops last year while sporting burned fingers from too many hours battling with a hot glue gun. Remember? Sure you do. Well, this year started out the same, with me dreading the impending season of costumes, horror movies, and cobwebs. Target has bloody hand print window clings for sale. Enough said.

My little man is still too young to demand that I decorate, but as a not-so-closeted overachiever/perfectionist, I found myself simply unwilling to be the Halloween equivalent of the Grinch. Side note: what would that be anyway? Glenda the Good Witch? Mother Theresa? Ghandi? I welcome ideas. Anyway, I decided that maybe I’d dislike Halloween a little less if I found some great decor. I reasoned that I can enjoy crafting and decorating for pretty much anything. Thus began my reluctant Pinterest quest for ideas. Spoiler alert: I found many, and my icy feelings towards Halloween thawed ever so slightly.

I’m holding on for dear life to my pretty fall decorations until the end of September, but I am poised and ready with my Halloween decor as of October 1st. Here is a peek at what my son and I have been working on, with more to come over the next month.

Halloween Banner

Although this banner is for Halloween, the technique is a great tip to keep in your back pocket, ready when the urge to make a banner strikes. My good friend Alex actually taught me this one as we made her daughter’s first birthday banner, and I see myself using it over and over again. It is so easy that fancy, veteran crafters will likely mock me for only discovering in the last year.


  • Freezer paper
  • Burlap, canvas, or other material
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Paint


  1. Cut your fabric/canvas/burlap into triangles. I found a bunting banner, pre-cut (and pre-polka dotted!) in Target’s dollar spot for THREE DOLLARS. Despite only needing one, I bought two because I couldn’t believe my good fortune, so I have one if someone has a burning desire to replicate this craft.                                                                   photo
  2. Make your freezer paper stencil. I used the cricut to cut out the letters, although you can cut them out by hand too. You will need one stencil per banner piece (they can not be reused); I needed six stencils, one for each letter, to spell out “BOO” twice. When making your stencil, the shiny side should be down. Meanwhile, allow your iron to heat.
  3. When your stencils are ready, lay out your banner pieces on the ironing board. With the shiny side still down, place each stencil on each banner piece.
  4. Place the hot iron onto each stencil. The heat will adhere it to your fabric. So cool! Make sure all of your edges are smoothed down. (Don’t mind the hideousness of my laundry room…I have big plans for it, but they haven’t come to fruition just yet.)                                             photo 2 photo 1
  5. Take a paint brush and gently paint each banner piece. If any sides of the stencil come up while you work, either hold them down with your hand, or re-iron. The better the seal, the cleaner your paint job.
  6. When finished, you can either allow the paint to dry before removing the stencil, or, if you are impatient like me, you can remove it right away. Behold! An adorable, festive banner. photo 4photo 5

I can’t wait to hang it, along with another banner that my little guy and I made that still needs to be assembled. I’m also pretty excited because I used this same technique on pillows! I’ll share those, along with some other great crafts, over the next few weeks. Multiple blog posts for Halloween? Talk about scary.