Seriously, where have the last weeks gone?! Since getting back from a wonderful, wonderful vacation, it has been one crazy thing after another. One of the best things? The birth of my cousin’s baby girl. I am super close with my cousin, so for all intensive purposes, we will call this beautiful little baby my “niece”. She will likely call me “Mimi”, which is what her brother calls me (I know, adorable).

In addition to spending lots of money on her wardrobe and room decor before she was even born, I also knew I wanted to make my niece something special from her Mimi. With my limited creative ability, I landed on a no-sew, fleece blanket. They are easy, inexpensive, and so, so cute. Once you know what you are doing, you can finish one in an hour. My favorite part is picking the fleeces…have you ever been to the fleece section in JoAnns? Soft, fluffy, heaven.

No Sew Fleece Blanket


  • 1.5 yards of patterned fleece (I went with birdies this time)
  • 1.5 years of solid fleece
  • rotary cutter
  • 2 rulers

No joke, that’s all you need. You may be tempted to replace the rotary cutter with scissors. I’d strongly advise against it…I made a few of these years ago using scissors and I had blisters on my fingers and crooked fringe by the end. AND it took me twice as long to do. Trust me – splurge on the rotary cutter if you are going to be making these.


  1. Lay your two pieces of fleece on a flat, wide surface. I’d recommend putting the patterned fleece on the bottom (bright side down) with the solid fleece on top. This is mainly to help you stay precise(ish), and to keep you from cutting one piece wider or thinner to accommodate your pattern. No one wants to behead a cute fleece birdie, but sometimes, that’s the way it goes.
  2. Cut 4-inch squares off each corner.
  3. Begin cutting your fringe, each piece 1.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall. *TIP: Take one ruler and put it at the top to make sure that you aren’t cutting too high. Use the other ruler to ensure your cut is straight.   photo 2
  4. When you finish one side of your blanket, go back, and cut a 1-inch(ish) line in the center of each piece of fringe. This is how you will tie your blanket together at the end.   photo 1
  5. Cut fringe with holes in the center on each of the other three sides.
  6. Flip your blanket over so that now, the pattern is on top. This is likely the side that will be up most of the time, so you want the solid fleece to be the one that peeks through when you tie the blankets together.
  7. Take each piece of fringe and pull it through the hole you made in the center. This is the fun 3
  8. Go around and cut off any straggler pieces of fleece (one end of the fleece usually has an edge that is not soft and needs to be cut off). photo 4
  9. Fold it up and tie it with a nice piece of ribbon.  photo
  10. Make another one for the baby’s adorable older sibling, because you have nothing but free time on your hands.  Make it Spider-man because you are awesome.          photo 5

I hope I have motivated you all to go make a double-ply, fleece blanket for all those chilly August days and nights ahead. These things are super warm, so please snuggle carefully.