…with letters and a nearly completed organization list! I am fully aware that it has been almost two and a half weeks since I last posted. Rest assured, it’s not because I haven’t been doing blue couch-like things that make me happy and keep me grounded. I made an awesome scrapbook/photo album for my nearly-here baby cousin and have been plowing through my Mission Myrick Organization list. With the exception of my makeup, the mudroom area (which was a lofty goal at best), and the entertainment stand, I have completed everything on my list, plus two additional things! And I still have a couple weeks to go! One of the extra-added items has been my project for the last – ahem – six months, and is making it’s blog debut right here and now.

For my sister-in-law’s baby shower last summer, I saw this great project on Pinterest where you decorate the letters in the alphabet to hang in the baby’s room. Although this sounded great in theory, I was getting a little nervous on the day of the shower when everyone was painting and there were so many different designs and patterns. I thought it might be a little too seizure-inducing for a newborn baby. When they went up in my nephew’s room, however, they looked SO. FREAKING. CUTE. I wanted to cry, I loved them so much.

Right around this time, we realized that my 18-month old little man had quite the gift for recognizing and naming letters. I know I am partial because he’s my kid and he’s, well, perfect, but seriously guys, this was pretty impressive. Supposedly a child who knows his letters by sight before he is 3, not just in the alphabet song, is considered gifted. So this made my little guy a genius. Naturally. His letter obsession went far beyond just recognizing letters when we pointed them out – he literally would stop anywhere we were and name the letters. One time he turned his head sideways in an airport to read me the letters on the horizontal Starbucks sign. It was crazy. So as his 2nd birthday rolled around I decided that he needed those wooden letters for his wall. I had these grand plans that everyone at his family birthday party would paint a letter and he’d have this sweet memory in the form of a really alphabet. Never mind that we didn’t invite 26 people over that night (27 if you count the ampersand). So when the party was over, and everyone left, I realized we still had quite a few letters to paint. I put them in a bag, figured we’d finish them after the holidays, and we’d have them up by the Super Bowl. Ha.

So here it is June 16th, and his love of letters has taken on a new life of its own. He now knows the sounds of more than half of the letters and will share it anytime he feels the need. Example: a few days ago, we went to Target, and as we were walking up to the store, he started going, “T – ta ta ta” and pointing to the sign. Then he looked at the bullseye and said, “O – oooooooo”. Craziness. He also has almost all of the letters in the right place for the ABC song, which is his absolute favorite to sing at the top of his lungs. I think it’s about time this poor kid gets his letters on the wall! He helped me paint a couple, including the J for his name, but I wrapped them up this week. They aren’t on the wall yet, but here they are, in all of their painted, alphabet glory:

photo (25)

I can’t wait to see what he thinks of them. We went with a simple orange O for the Orioles, purple R for the Ravens, and a blue/lime green S for the Seahawks. The other  letters were a creative free-for-all, which made them turn out just the right amount of crazy and fun. Thank you to the family members who contributed, as yours are the prettiest ones anyway.

These really are pretty easy to do. Get wooden letters – you can order them in a full set on Etsy or buy them one at a time in Michaels (don’t forget your coupons if you do it this way!). Buy some acrylic paint and a variety of brushes, and embrace your inner child who loved to make a mess and paint. I hope if you decide to make them you knock the project out in a week instead of taking the six months we did, but I’d like to think that I was just pacing myself so that I had extra time to perfect my pitch for the many rounds of the ABC song I am likely to sing tonight.