One of my resolutions for 2014 is to get more organized. It seemed totally doable, until I realized how much work organization can be, on top of the stuff you need to be more organized to get done.  I found this great list on Pinterest, that encouraged organizing 40 areas of your home in 40 days. That seemed a bit lofty of a goal for me, so I am looking at it more like a 40 areas of your home in 6 months. Forty areas in 180 days doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but I figure I’m less likely to give up and make myself a margarita if I give myself a reasonable timeline.

Now I’ve got you wondering about this list, don’t I? I had to make a few changes to the list so that it applied for my home, but here you go. Thanks, Stacie, over at Officially Different, for getting me started!

  1. Medicine cabinets
  2. Amie’s closet
  3. Little Man’s closet
  4. Husband’s closet
  5. Amie’s Desk
  6. Outgrown clothes, Goodwill basket
  7. Spice Cabinet
  8. Pantry
  9. Baking cabinet
  10. Coat closet
  11. Cookbooks
  12. DVD collection
  13. Entertainment stand
  14. Craft closet
  15. Pots/pans
  16. Glasses and dishes
  17. Utensils
  18. Under kitchen sink
  19. Fridge, fridge magnets
  20. Mail basket
  21. Amie’s nightstand
  22. Husband’s nightstand
  23. Tall dresser in bedroom: junk drawer
  24. Linen closet and sheets cabinet
  25. Guest bathroom
  26. Finish master bath remodel
  27. Makeup
  28. Important documents
  29. Cell phone contacts
  30. Under guest bed
  31. Guest room bookshelf
  32. Pictures/frames
  33. Laundry room
  34. Create mudroom area
  35. Under stairs storage
  36. Living room coffee/end table drawers
  37. Reusable grocery bags
  38. Tubs in garage
  39. Holiday tubs
  40. Herb garden

PHEW! That is a list. Not even on there is the kitchen remodel that I want to do…that will likely be a 2015 resolution, so I’ll stick with organizing the one I’ve got for now. I’m pretty proud of myself for already having 3 done too! I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

In addition to my list, I also decided that I needed a way to stay more organized on a day to day basis. I have professed my love of a blog, Clean & Scentsible, before, so I was not surprised when I saw a post Jenn wrote a couple years ago about getting organized with the help of a binder. My love of baskets is only rivaled by my love of binders. This idea involving a new binder got me particularly excited because I don’t have any small ones, which meant a trip to **STAPLES**.

Oh man, do I love school supplies. I love their smell, I love how fresh and clean they are, I love how they are so full of organized possibilities. Did I really get to go buy school supplies in January?! Maybe 2014 wouldn’t be so bad.  I picked out a super cute binder and all of the miniature sized supplies that go in them.  Here’s what I ended up with:

photo 2 (9) photo 1 (8)

Doesn’t that just make you smile? I even got so excited that I made a template for my grocery shopping list.

photo 3 (6)

Any of you who know me personally have probably heard me preach about meal planning. You’d think I invented the idea. But truly, it has helped me by:

  • Encouraging me to try new recipes
  • Helping me to use random ingredients that I have in my house (hence why pantry and spice cabinets are on my list above)
  • Keeping me on target in the grocery store (especially helpful when I am hungry)
  • Helping me remember what I planned to make in the first place.

So now that I convinced you to give it a try, I’ll give you a present: my Mini Binder Grocery Planning List to help you with meal planning and grocery shopping in general. Ta Da! This one is good to go for you to cut in half and use in your mini-binder, should you decide to get one. It’s a great way to jot down things you have run out of but need to remember to buy at the store, and it can help you realize what you are really buying. For example, I once realized, after making my list, that I had like 5 meats to buy but no vegetables. That would have made for an interesting dinner.

I hope I’m not the only one who has vowed to get more organized…I could use some moral support. Let me know if there any of you out there – I’d love to hear your ideas too!