The past couple winters have been pretty mild, which is why several snowfalls and even one “snow day” off from work already have me in a Winter Wonderland kind of place. I’m not a big fan of the snow – particularly the kind that closes nothing and just makes a mess for me to drive to work – but even I have to admit that there is something kind of magical about watching snowflakes outside while you stay cozy in your house.

Kids love the snow. My son is no exception. However, he has extremely sensitive skin and a tendency to get a nasty cough during the winter months. Hence, snow play is usually limited. Today’s snowman ornament craft was a fun way for him to enjoy the snow without the added bonuses of layering, runny noses, or snow down his boots.


Glass ball ornaments (currently 50% off at Michael’s!)

White acrylic paint

One paint brush

Fabric paint (any kind will do, just make sure it has a narrow point)

Bag of fake snow

Funnel of some kind (optional)

Festive ribbon


This really is an easy project that you can find multiple tutorials of on Pinterest.

1. Paint your little one’s hand with white paint. I don’t have a picture of this. I’m not quite sure how people craft and take pictures as they go. Maybe they end up with white paint on their expensive cameras more often than they let on. Picture a 2 year old with white paint on his hand and a perplexed look on his face while his mom stands poised with a glass ornament in one hand and a hand wipe in the other to prevent him from putting the paint in his eye or mouth. Got the image? Okay, good.

2. Next, take the painted hand and place it on the ornament so that the palm of the hand is on the bottom and only the fingers are on the sides. They will look something like this.


The easiest way for me to get him to understand was to show him with my own hand. Other people have suggested telling their little one to grab the globe, but I knew that would only result in his grabbing, throwing, and breaking of said ornament.

3. Let these dry. If you go light on the paint (like I did), in a couple hours, your ornaments will be ready to go.

4. Begin painting cute hats, scarves, and faces, using the fabric paint. Again, others have suggested using fine tip paint brushes, but let’s be honest. I can barely use the fine tip paint tubes. Another suggestion I saw was to use colored Sharpies, but I also can’t draw, so I thought that would go poorly.

5. After letting the paint dry for a bit, I wrote the date on the back. This was more difficult than I had anticipated. I would imagine you could use a Sharpie if you wanted, rather than the fabric paint.

6. To be safe, I let everything dry overnight, and I hung the ornaments so that they didn’t dry and get stuck to anything.

7. The next day, I put some finishing touches, including a sparkling blue ribbon. Many of the ornaments on Pinterest are colored, but I decided to go with the clear balls so that I could fill them with fake snow. I tried removing the silver top of the ornament and filling the snow using a funnel, but the mouth wasn’t wide enough for the snow I bought to fit through. I ended up just stuffing it in the top until I was satisfied.


Aside from the creepy snowman with the red earmuffs and demon eyes on the right, I thought they turned out pretty cute. Each one is a little different, which I also love. My little guy was super excited to hang this on our tree next to his icicles and paint swirl ornament from last year:



photo 2 (5)

Bonus: a great, low cost gift! Check back after Christmas for some more great gift ideas that were fun and easy on the wallet. I’d like to say they were simple too, but I think you know me better than that by now.