This past week has been crazy. Have you ever noticed that even the slightest change in your schedule is enough to wreak havoc on your week? No? Just me? Okay then.

I wanted to blog about this awesome new recipe that I made over the weekend, but as a blogging newbie, the thought of taking pictures along the way didn’t even occur to me until long after the meal was over. I personally hate when I am super excited to read a blog on a recipe, only to open the page and find no picturesThis is usually because I don’t trust my cooking abilities enough to make things without pictures to encourage me along the way. Pictures that say, yes, the sauce should be that color and consistency, and hey lady, those lumps are not supposed to be there. 

Since I forgot, I will not punish you with a boring, no pictures post. Especially when my last post had the most adorable little pinata ever. The meal was pretty delicious, so I will just take one for the team and make it again in the upcoming weeks. I’ll also put a sticky note somewhere in my kitchen to remind me to take pictures next time.

Because this past week was crazy, my crafting was limited. However, I have a table runner that I’d love to share. I made it back in the beginning of October, but then it took me approximately one week to take it out of the bag I brought it home in, another week to iron it, and another week to let it run on our table. So in theory, it’s still a new(ish) craft. Welcome to my world.

I originally learned about this craft from my book club. They were doing a different event at The Paper Source in Annapolis that naturally, I couldn’t attend. I started looking at their website though, and found an awesome class for making your own fall table runner. They gave me a little scare when, 48 hours before, I was still the only one registered, but they came through by the night of the class. There were 3 of us registered, and I was relieved to see that we were all equally nervous. Fortunately, I hadn’t told anyone other than my mom about the class, so I figured if the table runner turned out god awful, I could simply hide it away and no one would ever have to know.

When I got there, I was immediately wooed by how adorable the shop was. It’s a little paper/craft/stationery place that I could easily spend hours in if it was closer. It reminded me of the place where our wedding invitations were made, The Pleasure of Your Company. The teacher had printed out leaf and acorn stencils from her Silhouette machine. We have a similar Cricut in the family that I like to use on occasion, but I have to admit, I had never really thought about using it for stencils. This class had already been totally worth it.

She showed us how to place the stencil and then use pigment ink pads to “color in” the shape. This really was nothing more than putting a square ink pad face down, and rubbing it on the canvas as if you were coloring with an oddly shaped, square crayon. To make the leaves look multicolored, you simply rub a dark color on top of the first color. I felt myself growing dangerously confident. I could do this! We were all still pretty nervous, but eventually bit the bullet and started working on our pieces.  I couldn’t believe how beautiful they came out! Each one was different and unique. Here is mine (in multiple pictures because I couldn’t figure out how else to let you see all of the details):

run2 run3 run4 run5

I would say the hardest part was knowing when to stop. It was so easy to think, just one more leaf. I actually made the teacher take the stencils away from me once I was satisfied. When we were finished, we used an embosser, and then when I got home, I ironed it. Supposedly these two steps make it washable, but I’m not too sure. Subsequently, anyone who enters my home and eats a meal at the table has been warned that it they ruin it, they will die, haha. Seriously though.