Welcome to my newest little project. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always looking for something new and fun to keep me busy. Anyone who doesn’t…well, you will soon enough. 

The idea for this blog really came to me while I was laying in bed attempting to fall asleep. This is a nightly struggle, despite my best efforts and high levels of exhaustion. I was laying there and reflecting on a blog I began almost three years ago when I found out that I was pregnant with my son. At the time, I wanted to chronicle my pregnancy for family and friends. After he was born, I began using it as a way to keep everyone posted on how quickly he was growing. Now, as he is almost 2, I’m finding less and less to share about. Although I think that every single, solitary thing he does is adorable and nothing short of amazing, I’m a bit biased. I mean, how many posts can I reasonably do about him at the playground? No one thinks my kid is the cutest little boy in the whole world, the way I do. It’s sad, really, because in fact, he is the cutest little boy in the whole world.

Anyway, as I was laying there, I realized that what I’d really love to be blogging about these days is all of the ways that he has domesticated me. I’d like to think that I was always somewhat creative and inquisitive, but graduate school and full-time work really did a number on me right out of undergrad, and I never quite got the cooking and crafting bugs that many of my friends did. Until my little man was born. Since then, I’ve become a regular Martha Stewart at times, which is ironic because I have approximately 1/16 the free time I had before he was born. But magically, once he stopped drinking formula and began enjoying real-people food, I found time to cook inventive meals for his little taste buds. When it was raining and he was noticeably bored, I whipped up a craft…and magically had the supplies to complete it. It was nothing short of miraculous, this transformation.  And it all just seemed so…seamless, like maybe I had it in me all along. Who knew?

What also happened, somewhere along the way, is that I began subconsciously using these projects as a way to unwind after work. I have one of the most rewarding, exhilarating, but exhausting jobs – I am a mental health therapist who works with children, adolescents, and adults. They all come into my office and sit on my nice, big, blue couch, and they unload. Work, school, friends, family, trauma. And I contain it all for them, which is wonderfully rewarding. But then I come home and need a big, blue couch of my own.

Enter this blog. Why the heck not? Apparently I am capable of creating spare time out of thin air.

My goal is to post great recipes and projects I tackle in an effort to maintain my mental health and status as an “okay” mom. Some are major successes; others are duds. Some projects begin as a way to kill an hour and literally take 5 days. I’d like to solemnly swear that I will post every week, but let’s be real. One of my best friends just admitted to me that she hasn’t posted on her blog since March. It happens.  I’m a working mom which means I’ve got guilt by the pounds, so let’s take it easy on the blogging newbie here. It’s a Monday morning and I’ve already accomplished my project for the week of starting this blog.

That’s gotta count for something.